Everything in North America for your Wedding

Why you will select North American as your wedding destination, if you are not living in America or Canada?

Put aside the “wedding” part, why do you want to go to American or Canada? Natural sceneries are easier to access. They are great for wedding photography and videography If select hotels or resorts as wedding venue, rooms are usually bigger in size and usually you can find spa services.

Add the wedding part, it has probably the highest number of people working in wedding planning industry, hence, if you need assistance, you can find one relatively easier. One can also find a lot of creative wedding “themes” or wedding “formats” in USA or Canada, e.g. wedding ceremony with Elvis-like performer – Elvis Wedding Package – in Las Vegas, Helicopter Wedding Ceremony  (how?). Vegas is always a popular wedding destination for anyone around the world! As it is a wedding destination surrounded by activities for family, for young couples and for friends who like nature and shows! Reserve your tickets for top Vegas Shows and get up to 50% Off

Below is a list of selected vendors from different categories in US or Canada. If you would like to view all, select Everything at the top left hand corner.

Also selected some wedding shoes (women) from Amazon US, which you can just buy. Take a look.